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Campus Contracts - Ergonomic Chair Demo Program

Need a new chair and don’t know where to turn? We have the answer!
Purchasing the right chair is an important decision. In this age of multi-task offices and intense computer use; comfort, size, ergonomic design, and adjustability are all important factors to consider when purchasing a chair.

Chairs are usually not returnable, therefore it’s important to get the right chair on your first try. The only way to know if a chair is right is to get a demo chair that you can use for a few days in your office. Fortunately, we have vendors who can supply you with demo chairs. Until now you could go through a lot of demo chairs before you found the right one. This is a frustrating process for both you and the vendor. To solve that problem, we have started a new program that should reduce the time it takes you to find the right chair.

We now have a chair demonstration area in the Purchasing Department. There are several chairs available to try. When you can sit in several chairs in one place it is much easier to discern the differences and select one or two that may be the best fit for you. Upon making that choice, you can contact the vendor who will deliver a demo chair to your office which you can use for up to 1 week. If you decide to purchase that model, the vendor will supply you with fabric choices and you can place your order. If you decide the demo model is not the right chair, simply go through the same process with your second choice. Alternatively, you may want to discuss your needs with the vendor for a recommendation.

The chairs we have chosen for the demonstration area are based on the University’s current buying pattern. These chairs offer a variety of styles and price ranges from which to chose.

To try the chairs you will need to make an appointment
Contact Kelly Bannen, 581-2612 to make an appointment.


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