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Undergraduate Programs - Curriculum

Total Credit Hours: 120

Public Administration Course Descriptions





First Year – First Semester

First Year – Second Semester
3 PAA 100, Intro to Public Administration OR
POS 100, American Government
3 PAA 200, Public Management
3 ENG 101*, College Composition OR
ENG 129, Topics in English
3 [Gen Ed: Artistic and Creative Expression]
3 [GenEd: Western Cultural Tradition] 3 [GenEd: Cultural Diversity and International
3 [GenEd: Mathematics] 3 [Outside Elective]
3 [Outside Elective: recommend COS 103,
Spreadsheeting OR COS 120, Intro to
3 [Outside Elective: recommend CMJ 103,
Fundamentals of Public Communication]
15 15
Second Year – First Semester Second Year – Second Semester
3 ECO 120, Microeconomics OR
ECO 121, Macroeconomics
3 PAA 390, Technical Writing and
Communication in Public Service
3 Public Policy Course 3 [GenEd: Population and the Environment:
recommend: PAA 327, Environmental Policy,
Management and Regulation]
3 PAA 350, Human Resources in Public Service 4 [GenEd: Lab Science]
3 State and Local Government Course** 6 [Outside Electives]
3 [Outside Elective]
15 16
Third Year – First Semester Third Year – Second Semester
3 PAA 340, Public Financial Management 3 PAA 315, Statistics in Public Administration
Public Policy Course
3 State and Local Government Course** 3 Law and the Public Service Course**
3 [GenEd: Science] 3 [GenEd: Writing Competency: recommend
ENG 317, Business & Technical Writing]
6 [Outside Electives] 6 [Outside Electives]
15 15
Fourth Year – First Semester Fourth Year – Second Semester
3 PAA Elective Course** 3 PAA Elective Course**
3 Capstone Course*** 11 [Outside Electives]
9 [Outside Electives]
15 14

Required Credits in Major: 33 Hours Minimum

*For students not eligible to take ENG 101 (A-L takes this course during the second semester of the first year; M-Z takes this course in the first semester of the first year) the department recommends that the student take either ENG 129, Topics in English (a seminar for first-year students), or a course meeting the Human Values and Social Context General Education Requirements.

**See your advisor or the public management requirement sheet for a list of approved courses to fulfill these areas.

***The courses that meet the Capstone requirement are the Department Internship classes. These courses are offered during the summer (PAA 493 and PAA 495) and we would recommend doing the internship between the third and fourth years. It is also possible to complete the part-time internship experience during the fall and spring (INT 494) semesters. The Capstone course will complete both the Departmental requirement as well as the General Education requirement. If this course is taken for 6 credits, 3 credits will go toward the Capstone requirement and 3 credits toward the 6 needed in PAA elective courses.


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