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Research Projects - Transportation-Based Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Transportation-Based Greenhouse Gas Emissions Associated with the University of Maine Campus

Authors: Sarah A. Kelly & Jamie L. Kenny


This study investigates the levels of greenhouse gas emitted due to activities on and because of the University of Maine campus. Greenhouse gases are harmful to the environment because they contribute to global warming. By performing parking lot surveys of the six most commonly used parking lots at the University of Maine campus and using secondary data from car manufacturers, the study estimates the miles per gallon for each vehicle surveyed. The study also estimates distances traveled to and from the University of Maine by using mapping software to measure the distance between the University and the city centers of surrounding communities with large populations of students and staff. The study then applies an electronic spreadsheet provided by the Climate Change Institute to calculate greenhouse gases emitted by those. The end result is a measurement of the impact of transportation due to University of Maine activities on our environment. This research is intended for use by other researchers and administrators at the University of Maine to evaluate ways to minimize greenhouse gas emissions.


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