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Research Projects - Staffing Maine School Libraries for Student Success

Authors: Sylvia K. Norton


This study examines school library staffing patterns to determine whether school library staffing may be a predictor of student success. A survey is mailed to each school to gather data on the number of library hours spent in activities representative of the professional librarian roles as information specialist, teacher and instructional partner, and as leader, planner and manager for a school library program. The study then compares these survey results with secondary data such as staff credentials, school size and Maine Educational Assessment test scores to examine the correlation, if any, between school librarian factors and student achievement. Specifically, data for each school is analyzed to determine if schools with high student achievement scores include at least one certified library media specialist as well as library support staff in the school library with the greater percentage of library staff hours devoted to delivering library/information literacy instruction to students, planning and instructing cooperatively with classroom teachers, and providing in-service training and staff development to teachers and other staff. The study is supported by the Maine Association of School Libraries, the Maine State Library and the Maine Department of Education; results may influence decision making about school libraries in Maine.


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