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Research Projects - Proposed Design Models for a One-Stop Student Service Center

Authors: Sarah Doheny


As higher education becomes an increasingly competitive field, colleges and universities must maintain the highest of standards to attract and retain students. Something now commonly recognized is that in addition to strong academic programs, attractive dormitories, and competitive athletic teams, student administrative services must also be of high quality in order to satisfy today’s discriminating students and parents. Many campuses are moving to a One-Stop Service model to provide students with such seamless administrative services. A One-Stop Student Service Center is a single office that houses cross-trained staff that can assist students with a multitude of administrative issues. The University of Maine System has mandated that all seven of its campuses develop a One-Stop Service model to meet the changing needs of students. The purpose of this study is to research best practices in student administrative services and, using that information, propose several design models (including the pros and cons of each) that the University of Maine might consider when implementing its own One-Stop Student Service Center. The analysis presents and applies general principles of best practice and considers the unique set of challenges the University of Maine will face throughout the development and implementation process.


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