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Research Projects

Selected Research

Highlighted here are selected research projects by public administration graduate students and faculty.

Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement

Economics & Community Development


Environment & Natural Resources

Ethics & Public Service

  • Ethics Education in the MPA Curriculum: What Difference Does It Make?
    Authors: Carole L. Jurkiewicz, Assoc. Prof., Louisiana State University, and Kenneth Nichols, Assoc. Prof.
    Publication: Journal of Public Affairs Education (April 2002, vol. 8, no. 2): 103-114

Nonprofit & Public Services

Organization Processes & Behavior

  • Leadership in Public Policy and Administration
    Author: Fred H. Carter
  • Enterprise Government: Franchising and Cross-servicing for Administrative Support
    Authors: Arie Halachmi, Professor, Tennessee State University, and Kenneth Nichols, Assoc. Prof. of Public Administration
    Publisher: Chatelaine Press (1996, 1997)
    Sponsor: American Society for Public Administration, Section for Professional and Organizational Development


  • Optimizing the Silver-collar Worker: In the Shoes of the Older Employee
    Author: Kenneth Nichols, Associate Professor of Public Administration
    Publication: International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior (v. 4, nos 3 & 4, Aug./Nov. 2001): 225-246
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