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ENG 317: Business & Technical Writing

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Want to know more about workplace communication before you get there? Enroll in ENG 317: Business & Technical Writers. (It’s for everyone!) [Creative Commons licensed image by Web Directions South 2008 T Shirt by Parvati, on Flickr.

About the Course

ENG 317 focuses on preparing students to communicate on the job. This course is a great way to meet the General Education Writing Intensive requirement.

Students in ENG 317 learn to:

  • plan, design and create documents that address a variety of audiences and situations and reflect the realities of workplace communication
    • employ a clear and effective professional writing style
    • summarize complex material
    • design and create effective, appropriate displays of multivariate data
  • collaborate in preparing successful documents
  • apply accepted standards of ethical practice
  • plan, design and execute a formal report that addresses a real or case-based problem for a defined audience
  • plan, design and deliver effective oral presentations Satisfies the General Education Writing Intensive Requirement.

Prerequisites: ENG 101 or equivalent and junior standing.
Credits: 3

Variations in Sections

ENG 317 faculty bring expertise from multiple fields to the classroom. In addition to teaching our faculty work for non-profit organizations, in publishing, and in industry.

Each classroom is managed based on the faculty member’s areas of expertise, which is why class experiences may vary slightly from course to course.

At all times, we have at least one class piloting new projects for integration into future courses to keep content up to date.

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