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Self-Centered versus Employer-Centered: Which Are You?

Employee of the MonthAn article in the popular daily USA Today relates a familiar story: the “self-centered” work ethic is becoming a stereotype for the millennial generation, and it irritates and confounds their older supervisors.

As an employer in the article explains,  “”It’s not about you . . . It’s about your client, your co-workers and boss. The world of business doesn’t operate on what’s convenient for you and what fits into your schedule and your particular expectation. That philosophy is why there is no such thing as service anymore and why mediocrity is becoming the norm.” Read the entire article at

The attitude shift from yourself is a key employability skill. It begins before you ever meet an employer, with your cover letter, and should continue throughout your interview and hiring process, and throughout your career. For help crafting an “employer-centered” cover letter and job search process, check out the resources at the UMaine CareerCenter (

Refute the “self-centered millennial” stereotype. Focus on the employer/client/co-worker, and do great work.

[Creative Commons License Photo by Flickr User The Eggplant]

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