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Website Focus: Funds For Writers

dollar-signThis comprehensive website ( emphasizes “finding money to make writing a realistic career [with a] focus on markets, competitions, awards, grants, publishers, agents, and jobs for your writing abilities, with motivation chucked in.”

Created and maintained by professional writer Hope Clark, Funds For Writers features sections devoted to grants, writing contests, and niche writing markets: each section offers information, listings, and advice in its respective category. You can sign up to receive two free e-newsletters, Funds forWriters (“provides markets that pay $200 or 10 cents/word and up”) and/or Writing Kid (markets for writers from elementary age through college undergraduates).

This site also features an interesting and useful “Tips” menu full of articles for writers (Ever thought of writing articles for airline in-flight magazines? How about unusual writing jobs involving social media?).

Check out Funds for Writers: it’s full of useful, interesting, potentially profitable information for aspiring technical (and even not-so-technical) writers. Make 2013 the year that begins your PAID writing career!

[Creative Commons License Photo by Flickr User Oldmaison]

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