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ESL Endorsement - Fall 2014 Courses

Project Reach will be offering the following courses for Fall 2014 at the University of Maine.

Methods of the Teaching of ESL: Includes the basic principles underlying ESL pedagogy, current ESL trends, techniques for teaching students at different levels, and minority students.  Students will review published materials, develop activities, plan lessons, and compile a teaching portfolio.

Undergraduate: ELL 470 (0001) Class Number: 81521
Graduate: ELL 570 (0001) Class Number: 81901
Date: September 2 – December 12, 2014 Location: Little Hall 219, University of Maine
Day and Time: Thursday 5:00 – 8:00pm Instructor: Jane Smith


Curriculum and Development in ESL/EFL Contexts: Intensively reviews curriculum development principles important in contexts where instructional content is made appropriate for language learners. These principles will be applied to develop or adapt a curriculum for a specific ESL or EFL context. Prerequisite: Methods Course (ELL 470/570)

Undergraduate: ELL 475 (0001) Class Number: 83341
Graduate: ELL 575 (0001) Class Number: 83342
Date: September 2 – December 12, 2014 Time: Online Course
Location: Online Course Instructor: Shelly Chasse-Johndro


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