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Tips for Ordering Success

The help ensure the success of your printing project—on time and on budget—we suggest all our customers also read our tips for printing success.

Customer Quick Guide to Ordering

  1. Ask for a complimentary estimate and discuss any details or questions with our staff before submitting your print order. You can download a Order/Request for Estimate (PDF) or submit your request online by selecting one of the links above.
  2. Plan and prepare your document for arrival at Printing Services at least 10 days before the project deadline.
  3. Fill out an Order/Estimate for Request form. E-mail, fax, mail, or bring your job, with the order form, to Printing Services along with a sample.
  4. Provide us with a dated deadline for the completion of your project (ASAP doesn’t exist in printing!).
  5. Check proofs as soon as you receive them. This will speed up the final completion schedule. Direct proof questions to our proofreader at 581.3773. Once final proofs are approved, your job will be on its way to completion.
  6. Depending on the delivery method you specified at the time of ordering, your completed job will be delivered, mailed, or you will be called for pick up.
  7. Keep a copy of the job with the job number (recorded on the delivery slip and billing invoice). Refer to the job number when ordering future reprints.

Preferences for File Submissions

For Print On Demand and wide format printing, PDF files work best. Alternate formats, such as JPG or Powerpoint files, may be subject to additional processing fees.

For Offset Lithography (printing), submit a Press Quality PDF file as well as a copy of your native graphic design or desktop publishing file, along with all associated fonts, images, and linked files.

When creating your native files, including graphics, scanned photographs, and digital images, please format and save them in CMYK format.

Submit a hard copy sample or mock up of what your project should look like, so we have a visual comparison in-hand.

Instead of putting files on a zip drive, or burning on a CD, then bringing it over in person, you can also submit your files electronically using our YouSendIt Dropbox account. Just go to Uploading larger files to this dropbox is also ideal.

See our pricing page for current pricing.