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Bulk Mailing Tips

Printing and Mailing Services offers both automated and manual folding, tabbing, envelope stuffing, addressing, and postage metering services.

Please contact our customer service representatives for more information or an estimate on your bulk mailing project.

Tabbing Machine for Bulk Mailings

Tabbing Machine for Bulk Mailings

So, you want to do a mailing?

The purpose of this free, downloadable PowerPoint presentation is to help members of the University of Maine community save money, time and frustration when undertaking bulk mailings.

In this presentation, we discuss ways to save money, which include using mail automation and CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certification. We include a brief look at U.S. Postal regulations controlling bulk mailings and discuss how to build an address database from scratch.

Download So, you want to do a mailing? PowerPoint presentation (Zipped file 910Kb). The full, supplemental text of the discussion appears in the notes section of the Powerpoint file.

Download a free copy of SmartMailer error list (2Kb) as a text file.

Download a free copy of our Excel Address Database Spreadsheet (14Kb).

This Powerpoint was first presented at the 2008 CEAC Professional Development Day, University of Maine, March 4, 2008 by Kimberly Sawtelle.

Download a free copy of PowerPoint Viewer 2007. This link will open in a new window.

Bulk Mailing
The University of Maine holds a standard non-profit mailing permit (Permit No. 8) for departments wishing to send their mail at a bulk rate.

The following conditions must be met before mail can be sent at the automated bulk rate:

  • Mailing must include 200 piecesor more than 50 pounds of mailable matter
  • Each mail piece must be less than 16 ouncesin weight
  • Pieces must be identical in size and weight, with the same number of enclosures in each envelope
  • Bulk mailings should arrive in the mailroom three to four days before the actual mailing deadline
  • The mailing must be in ZIP order(from low to high)
  • All flaps must be tuckedin or sealed
  • All metallic closures must be pressed flat
  • Make certain all addresses are completeand include the ZIP + 4
  • Include a sheet listing the number of pieces and FAST account or 10-digit Accounting I.D. to be charged
  • Make sure mailers conform to current USPS regulations.

For more information about mailing regulations, including size and weight restrictions, visit our Mailing Regulations page. 

First-Class Mail Automation Letters and Cards
First-Class Mail is required for personal correspondence, handwritten, or typewritten material, and bills or statements of account. It may also be used for any mailable item, including advertisements and lightweight merchandise.

  • Eligibility standards for First-Class Mail Automations are:
  • Mailings of 500 or more addressed pieces
  • The mailing must be in ZIP order(from low to high)
  • All flaps must be tuckedin or sealed
  • All metalic closures must be pressed flat
  • Addresses must be matched using the CASS-certified process

Postal Barcodes
Mailers should be designed to allow a 4-3/4 inch x 5/8 inch space at the bottom for postal barcodes. Do not include content information in this area.

Postcard Address Panels
The minimum size of a postcard address panel, typically located on the right-hand side of the back of a postcard, is 3-3/8 inch x 3 inch from the bottom of any return address type. When designing your postcard mailer, confirm that adequate space is alloted to meet this regulation. Postcards failing to meet these regulations will be subject to a higher postage rate. Suggested pre-formatted templates for UMaine print projects, including postcards, are available on the University Division of Marketing & Communications website.

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