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Printing and Mailing Services

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U.S. Mailing Regulations

New Postal Regulation:

The United States Postal services has implemented a new standard for bulk mailings. Any bulk mailing going out with a discount, must be run through Verimove, an address verification software. This is to ensure that the customer isn’t wasting money on mailings going to wrong addresses and so that the postal service isn’t throwing away those pieces. If a mailing list is processed without the Verimove check, the University Permit #8 will be charged a penalty by the Postal Service.

What is Verimove?

Verimove is a program that updates addresses with the most current one. The software connects directly to the postal service and looks for people who may have moved in the last 18 months. If you have an old address it will automatically update it for you. That way you are not paying to send a piece to the wrong address.

What This Means For You:

Any mailing that qualifies for a discount will now need to be run through the Verimove software. The software will update addresses and create an “error list” which tells us which addresses it cannot find a match for.

These addresses will not qualify for a discount and can be sent out at the regular First Class rate. Or you have the option to edit the address for the next mailing.

How Printing Services Can Help:

To avoid a penalty by the Postal Service you have 4 options:

1. Have University Printing & Mailing Services process the database (mailing list) and address then barcode the piece – $25.50 per thousand.

2. Send your mailing out with no discount First Class- regardless of how many pieces you have. Thus costing more than to have Printing Services run the database for you.

3. Add “Address Service Requested” to your item being printed. You will be charged a fee for each, wrongly addressed, piece coming back.

4. Have Printing Services process your database through Verimove ($25.00 setup fee plus $16.00 per thousand). This list can go back to you for your office to do the mailing, however no additional people can be added. All names you wish to add must be run through Verimove. If adding a large list, additional fees may be involved. If you choose to correct your error list and resend it, no additional fee will be added. When bringing back the mailing to our mailroom, appropriate documentation (Verimove proof) must be submitted at that time. The list approval is good for 90 days. You can re-use the list from Verimove for other projects within the 90 days, but each time a mailing is brought to the mailroom documentation of Verimove proof must be submitted.

Please direct your questions to Valerie McTigue at 207.581.3765 or


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