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Mailing Database Verification Services

Mailing Services can use our automated Pitney Bowes mailing system to collate, fold, and stuff envelopes with up to six individual inserts for bulk mailings. We can also custom address a mailing using database information provided by the customer.

Databases must be submitted as Excel or tab-delimited files.

When you select Printing Services to meet your mailing service needs, we will provide up to 30 minutes of complimentary address database verification service.

Upon request, our skilled staff will data check your Excel or tab-delimited file and run it through Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certification. In this process, your mailing list will be checked against the United States Postal Service Address Matching System to match addresses and 9-digit Delivery Point ZIP. Upon verification, corresponding barcodes will be added to your mailing. Only addresses with Delivery Point ZIP and barcodes are eligible for automation bulk mailing rates. For more information about CASS, see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Upon request our staff will also check your database for duplicate addresses and return an error list to you, providing an opportunity for you to rectify problem files in your master database.

Database verification is a service of Print on Demand and Mailing Services. For expanded database verification services, please contact Customer Service at 207.581.3765.

For further information about formatting a bulk mail address file, please visit our Compiling and Submitting Address Databases resource page.

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