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Barcode Utility

The Mailing Services Barcode Utility helps you to easily create barcodes that correspond to your PeopleSoft billing account, which can be read by Mailing Services scanners for fast and accurate data entry.  Click Here and choose “Save” to download the Excel utility.

To use the utility, simply enter digits into the yellow cells and the account number and barcode will automatically be constructed in the white box below. Once your barcode is properly built, click File > Print and attach the printed barcode to the mail you send to Mailing Services.

If you receive an error while entering chartfield values, it means that you did not enter the correct number of digits for that field.  Refer to the “Number Of Characters” column to see how many digits are required in each chartfield.  If you do not see a barcode in the white box then you do not have the appropriate barcode font installed on your machine.  To install the barcode font, refer to the instructions below.

Installing The Barcode Font

Click Here and choose “Save” to download the font to your computer.

On a PC

1.  Choose Start > Settings > Control Panel
Note: In Windows XP, choose Start > Control Panel
2.  Choose File > Install New Font…
3.  Select the drive and folder where you downloaded the .TTF file.  The file should appear in the List of fonts box.
4.  Highlight the file and click OK to install it.

On a Mac

Drag the .TTF file to the system folder and click OK when prompted.

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