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Regional Scouting Reports - Summary

Aroostook County

5-day fungicide spray schedule.

Potato late blight has previously been reported in the Washburn, Fort Fairfield, Hodgdon, and New Limerick areas. Late blight is now present in Presque Isle, Mars Hill, and Westfield.

Please be aware that aphid populations have increased significantly! Over the past week, one field went from 8% of the plants with aphids, to 56% of the plants with aphids. Another field reported large numbers of aphids per leaf as well as a high percentage of the plants with aphids. Species being found in fields are buckthorn, potato and green peach. Winged potato aphid activity has also increased on our sticky card traps.

Please remember that virus transmission is possible as long as green plant material is visible.


Central Maine

5-day fungicide spray schedule.

Aphid activity appears to be on the increase.  Red headed flea beetle populations appear to be increasing, as well.

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