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Section Four: Programs and Reports - Section 4.1 Diversity Plan

Organizational Objectives

Cooperative Extension will provide the organizational climate needed to support individual efforts in dealing with issues of diversity.

Cooperative Extension will focus staff development training in diversity on awareness of sexism, racism and rankism and how individual behaviors affect these issues.

Cooperative Extension will incorporate, as appropriate, the contributions and resources of its diverse staff in the recruiting, hiring and training of staff and in planning and conducting programs and activities for clients.

Organizational Actions

In meeting these objectives, Cooperative Extension will foster diversity in several different ways. Included in these are plans to

  • develop and implement an organizational staff development plan that includes issues of diversity;
  • plan and conduct diversity awareness training opportunities that reflect different learning styles and stages;
  • collect federal, state, university and Cooperative Extension policies on civil rights, equal employment opportunity, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and diversity issues, and review them for consistency;
  • initiate diversity awareness training for Cooperative Extension volunteer groups as appropriate;
  • provide unit/office diversity training as requested or needed; and
  • develop central resource library of diversity-related materials and make available to each unit/office.

Individual Objectives

Building on the organizational objectives for respecting and honoring diversity, Cooperative Extension encourages individuals to

  • incorporate positive ways of dealing with specific diversity issues of their choosing into their everyday work;
  • become aware of personal behavior that contributes to sexism, racism and rankism in Cooperative Extension; and
  • increase their ability to function in positive ways in dealing with the issues of sexism, racism and rankism.

Individual Actions

In meeting these objectives, Cooperative Extension encourages each individual staff member to

  • participate in statewide diversity training as available and suitable to learning style preferences;
  • select a diversity issue for focused effort and determine how to integrate it into a personal plan of work or professional improvement plan;
  • identify and participate in needed training to support efforts in diversity; and
  • identify and participate in appropriate methods for reinforcing desired changes.

It is the hope of Cooperative Extension that individuals, with their supervisor’s support, will identify proposed changes and assess their progress toward goals related to diversity on an annual basis, including deciding what areas need continuing effort or new focus.

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