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Resources for Teachers

Interested in finding new ways of teaching physics? attending a conference? joining with other teachers on a monthly basis to talk about your teaching? More information is provided below.

Teaching materials

There are many online materials for high school teachers seeking to improve their instruction. Click here for more.

Conferences and Meetings

Several opportunities exist for teachers to attend conferences.

Integrating Science and Mathematics Education Research into Teaching

Held in even numbered years, starting 2002. Of interest to teachers and researchers with participants from science mathematics education research. Typically co-organized by members of the UMaine PERL. For more information, click here.

Maine High School Physics Teachers Meeting

Every spring, the UMaine PERL hosts a high school physics teachers meeting. All Maine high school physics and physical science teachers are invited. The date is typically on the 2nd Friday of March (the last Friday of UMaine‚Äôs spring break) or early May (after UMaine’s Commencement). For more information, click here.

High School Physics Teachers Collaborative

Since 2002, we have hosted a monthly teachers collaborative. Participants come together to discuss issues of teaching and learning in their classroom, share ideas about instructional materials, and enjoy some dinner. More information can be found here.

Physics Education Research Laboratory
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