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Group Members - Jeffrey M. Hawkins

Jeffrey Hawkins
PhD Candidate

214 Bennett Hall
Orono, ME 04469

Office Phone: (207) 581-1022
Email: jeffrey.hawkins<at>

Jeffrey graduated in 2007 from the University of Washington in Seattle with a B.S. in Physics and a B.S. in Astronomy. While studying at the University of Washington he worked with Peter Shaffer and other members of the Physics Education Group on an undergraduate research project about students’ understanding of vectors. He also spent time working as a peer instructor in the tutorial sessions for the undergraduate introductory physics sequence.

He is currently a member of the Physics Education Research Laboratory (PERL) at the University of Maine where he has been studying since 2007. His current area of research is investigating how we can learn more about student thinking by asking students different types of questions such as asking them to explain a correct answer or asking them to eliminate an answer and explain why it is a good one to eliminate. In addition to performing research, he has co-authored an IRB application to the UMaine Human Subjects Review Board that allows members of PERL and other education research groups to perform standard research without having to file a new application for each project. He has also set up a graduate student lead “Physics Learning Center” in the Department of Physics and Astronomy which provides tutoring help to students in most introductory physics courses.

Curriculum Vitae

Recent Publications

J.M. Hawkins, B.W. Frank, J.R. Thompson, M.C. Wittmann, and T.M. Wemyss, “Probing Student Understanding With Alternative Questioning Strategies,” in 2011 Physics Education Research Conference, C. Singh, N.S. Rebello, P. Engelhardt, eds., AIP Conference Proceedings 1413, 207-210 (2012).

J.M. Hawkins, M.C. Wittmann, J.R. Thompson, E.C. Sayre, and B.W. Frank, “Students’ Responses To Different Representations Of A Vector Addition Question,” in 2010 Physics Education Research Conference, M. Sabella, C. Singh, N.S. Rebello, eds., AIP Conference Proceedings 1289, 165-168 (2010).

J.M. Hawkins, J.R. Thompson, and M.C. Wittmann, “Students’ Consistency of Graphical Vector Addition Method on 2-D Vector Addition Tasks,” in 2009 Physics Education Research Conference, C. Henderson, M. Sabella, C. Singh, eds., AIP Conference Proceedings 1179, 161-164 (2009).

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