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Rogers Farm Demonstration Garden - Maine Harvest for Hunger

Master Gardeners:  Ellen Fisher, Dennis Violette, Steve Luther, Holly Violette, Julia Violette, Bob Garland, Charelene Aldrich, and MANY others

What do you want visitors to learn from your garden?  I hope people will learn that planting veggies is pretty easy and very rewarding. I feel as though it should be called Harvesting for Humanity. I does my heart good to be able to bring so much fresh produce to our local food cupboards!

What is your favorite section and/or plant in the garden and why?  Eggplant.  A child visiting the garden exclaimed “I love eggs!” when someone pointed it out.   Although I don’t eat a great deal of it , I find harvesting it to be like a treasure hunt- finding those shiny purple globes hidden in the shelter of it’s leaves.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering at Rogers Farm?  I enjoy the peaceful surrounding,working with kindred souls and perpetual learning.

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