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K-12 Restorative School Practices - Courses/Workshops/Conferences/Institutes

Introductory Workshops in Restorative School Practices
Friday, March 18, 2011, 9-3:30 — University of Maine, Orono
Friday, March 25, 2011, 9-3:30 — University of Southern Maine, Portland
(NOTE: The March 18th and 25th workshops have been filled.)

During these workshops, we will:

  • Provide an overview of the restorative approach and restorative practices;
  • Explore the Community Circle process and how it can be used for community building and problem solving;
  • Discuss and demonstrate ways to practice restorative discipline.

Click here for the registration materials (PDF)

Space is limited in these workshops so register soon!  Deadline to register for the introductory workshops is February 18, 2011.
For more information contact Barb Blazej at or call 581-2625.

Intermediate Workshop in Restorative School Practices
Friday, April 8, 2011, 9:00-3:30
Burton Cross Building, Augusta

For Maine educators who have had training or experience in the restorative approach, we offer this intermediate workshop to deepen your understanding and strengthen your skill level with restorative practices. We will present the newest research on the relationship between brain development, school climate, learning and punishment, and we will engage in dialogue on best practices for successful implementation of the restorative approach, including how to generate “buy-in” among staff members and next steps you might take in your schools.  We will also check in with you to see how you’re doing with restorative school practices, and to address your questions, concerns, problems and challenges.  We want to hear about the successes you’ve had, what’s worked well, and best practices you’d like to share with others.  Deadline to register:  March 11, 2011.

Click here for the registration materials (PDF)

Space is limited in this workshop so register soon!  Deadline to register for this intermediate workshop is March 11, 2011.
For more information contact Barb Blazej at or call 581-2625.

Summer Institute in Restorative School Practices
June 28-30, 2011
Augusta Civic Center

This three-day summer institute will introduce participants to restorative school practices and restorative discipline.  Within a whole school approach, these practices build caring school communities that support students, staff and administrators in feeling connected and respected, which enhances learning outcomes.  Discipline becomes part of a learning environment featuring accountability and support rather than punishment and exclusion.  The institute will include presentations, discussion, activities, hands-on practice, videos, guest speakers, and experience with the Community Circle process.

You can read more about this institute and download a registration form here (PDF). You can register online here: For more information contact Barb Blazej at

Tentative List of Topics to be Covered:
What is the Restorative Approach?
What are some different Restorative Practices?
The Community Circles Model
Restorative Dialogue
Problem-Solving Circles
Resolution (Detention) Circles
Restorative Conferences
Restorative Practices & Adolescent Brain Research
The Whole School Approach to Implementation
Community Building Strategies
Getting Started
The Change Process (and addressing resistance)
What does a Restorative School look like? (videos)
Resources/Services in Maine

University of Maine Three-Credit Courses
Related to Restorative School Practices
Spring & Summer 2011

PAX 360/598 Conflict Resolution
Meets four Saturdays this spring–March 19, April, 2, 16, 23, from 8:30-4
University of Maine, Orono
Instructor: Joanne Boynton
Registration:  Call 581-3414

This course explores the social and psychological factors which lead to conflict and offers practical insights and strategies to transform conflict into positive relationships. Class time will involve discussion and practice of skills, with special emphasis on becoming an agent for change in personal or workplace settings. Brief written assignments will allow each student to apply the principles and skills to their own individual needs. With prior approval of the Graduate Office on the Orono campus, this course is available for graduate credit. For further information concerning content, please contact the instructor,

PAX 451 Mediation: Premises, Practices & Policies
April 18-22, 8:30-4:30
Hutchinson Center, University of Maine, Belfast
Instructor:  Will Galloway
Registration:  Call 338-8000

This course will introduce students to the theory and practice of mediation, with emphasis on the Transformative Approach to mediation.  Participants will reflect together on the nature and origins of conflict and its impact on society and individuals.  The course will examine the underlying premises and principles of the emerging models of mediation practice, standards of practice and enable participants to acquire and practice the skills needed for effective conflict management, with emphasis on the role of the third party neutral in court settings, workplace disputes, family conflict and educational contexts.  For more information on the content of this course, email the instructor at:

PAX 495 Restorative School Practices
July 11-15, 8:30-3:30
Hutchinson Center, University of Maine, Belfast
Instructors:  Joanne Boynton and Trudy Eldridge
Registration:  Call 338-8000

Restorative Practices, applied to school and community settings, offer a constructive model to help both victims and offenders dealing with conflicts and wrongdoing, and for schools and communities to  restore a sense of safety and fairness. Designed for school personnel and others working with youth, PAX 495 considers the elements of an effective restorative practices program, whether newly established or needing revitalization. Discussion and ample class practice will include such topics as assessing and improving  school climate, with special emphasis on the problem of bullying, implementing an effective Circle Process, and encouraging active ownership of the program on the part of students and staff. Using a collaborative approach, we will share our experiences, and each participant or school group will have time to outline a project reflecting their particular goals and concerns.

Joanne Boynton and Trudy Eldridge will co-teach the course.  Joanne taught for many years at the University of Maine and currently is an adjunct faculty member in the Peace and Reconciliation Studies Program. She is a member of the Restorative Justice Project of the Midcoast and a volunteer mediator for Community Mediation Services.  Trudy Eldridge taught elementary schools for 35 years. As head teacher at the East Belfast School, she developed a classroom behavior plan funded through the Maine State Seed Grant Project. Trudy also worked on a mentoring program for provisionally certified teachers still used in RSU 20. Along with her volunteer work for the Restorative Justice Project, she is working in the Education Department at UM mentoring student interns during their practice teaching. For any questions concerning the course, please email


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