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Academic Program - Interdisciplinary Curriculum Minor

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Peace and Reconciliation Studies offers an 18 credit Interdisciplinary Curriculum (similar to a minor) with the following requirements.

1. Required Courses (12 credits):

PAX 201: Introduction to Peace Studies (Available live at U.Maine, online or live at the Hutchinson Center)
PAX 410: Theories in Peace Studies

2. Two other PAX courses from the following list:

  • PAX 250: Peace & Pop Culture
  • PAX 260: Peace Patriots
  • PAX 350: Buddhism, Peace & Contemplative Traditions
  • PAX 351: This Sacred Earth; Ecology and Spirituality
  • PAX 360: Conflict Resolution: A Relational Approach to Working Through Conflict
  • PAX 370: Building Sustainable Communities
  • PAX 398: Topics in Peace Studies (varies each semester)
  • PAX 400: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Promise of Social Renewal
  • PAX 401: Women Social Activists: Warriors for Peace and Justice
  • PAX 451: Mediation: Premises, Practices & Policy
  • PAX 452: Advanced Study in Transformative Mediation
  • PAX 491: Forgiveness: Creating a Culture of Peace & Reconciliation
  • PAX 495: Advanced Topics in Peace Studies (varies each semester)
  • PAX 498: Special Projects in Peace Studies (independent study)

Elective Courses (6 Credits):
In conversation with a Peace and Reconciliation Studies advisor, select two additional university courses to complete the 18-credit Interdisciplinary Curriculum, including additional PAX courses.

Students who wish to enroll in the Peace and Reconciliation Studies Interdisciplinary Curriculum should contact the Coordinator at the Peace and Reconciliation Studies office, 202 East Annex, email: or call 207-581-2609, for further information or assistance. Enrollment is open to all undergraduate students at the University of Maine and there are no admissions requirements beyond those of the college a student is entering.

Specialized Information
The following PAX courses satisfy certain General Education requirements:

  • PAX 201: Social Contexts & Institutions and Cultural Diversity & International Perspectives
  • PAX 250: Artistic & Creative, Social Contexts & Institutions, & Writing Intensive
  • PAX 350: Cultural Diversity & International Perspectives
  • PAX 351: Ethics
  • PAX 360: Social Contexts & Institutions
  • PAX 370: Cultural Diversity & International Perspectives
  • PAX 491: Cultural Diversity & International Perspectives and Ethics

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