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Development Funds FAQs

Why are there two tiers?

PEAC is trying to recognize and encourage presenters at conferences. This activity brings significant recognition to both the individual and the University of Maine

Who is eligible to receive funds?

Preference is given to full-time regular professional employees with over two years continuous experience. Fixed-length or temporary employees are not eligible.

What do you mean by “Proposed Budget”?

Proposed budget includes registration, travel, and lodging.  Do not include meals.

How do I get reimbursed?

The travelers department, not the traveler, will get reimbursed. Travelers must include a signed copy of their travel expenses.

Who do I submit my traveling expenses report to for reimbursement?

Mail your signed form along with any other material to Rebecca Nadeau-Oliver, DP Corbett Business Building, Campus

Will PEAC help fund a conference/activity that I am hosting on campus?

Yes!  Absolutely! Contact Mel Johnson at 581.3614 for more information.