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Our Collaborators - Recent Publications

To learn more about areas of interest and recent publications by the UMaine PDC and our collaborators, please follow the links.

Method for Production of Polymer and Carbon Nanofibers from Water-Soluble Polymers, Jonathan Spender, Alexander L. Demers, Xinfeng Xie, Amos E. Cline, M. Alden Earlu, Lucas D. Ellis, and David J. Neivandt, Nano Letters, Nanoletters, 12(7):3857-3860, 2012.

Spray-drying Cellulose Nanofibrils: Effect of Drying Process Parameters on Particle Morphology and Size Distribution, Yucheng Peng, Yousoo Peng, and Douglas J. Gardner, Wood and Fiber Science, 2012.

Drying Cellulose Nanofibrils: In Search of a Suitable Method, Yucheng Peng, Douglas J. Gardner, and Yousoo Peng, Cellulose, 2011.


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