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Why Give? Three Good Reasons!

1. Private support is not just a “bonus,” it’s become a necessity.  Although it may be difficult to imagine, state support and the price of tuition, room, and board cover only part of the actual annual cost of educating each student.  This means that every student receives some level of subsidy regardless of whether he or she receives financial aid.  Gifts to the Parents Fund  help bridge this gap.

2. Your involvement can benefit you and your student.  The Parents Fund is a unique opportunity for parents to get involved with the UMaine community while having a direct impact on their student’s experience. Gifts made to the Parent Fund provide vital financial support to enhance important programs and initiatives that directly impact all students from their first day on campus until commencement.

3. Your philanthropy can help convey an important life lesson to your student.  Gifts of any amount demonstrate your commitment to helping others, while making UMaine a better place.  Many donors learn to give by watching parents, grandparents, and other family members.

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