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Pre-Award - Proposal Preparation

Navigating the Pre-Award Process

Step 1: Give notice of intent

  • Provide ORSP Pre-Award Staff with notice of intent to submit a proposal & a copy of the sponsor guidelines.
  • Discuss with your chair, dean or director, issues such as space requirements and cost sharing needs.

Step 2: Define submission timeline

Step 3: Create proposal in PARS

Step 4: Begin to develop proposal content

Step 5: Initiate subrecipient process (if applicable)

  • Subrecipient/Vendor (Professional Services) Determination: In order to meet audit and compliance requirements and avoid problems down the road, it is important to make the proper determination in the proposal stage.
  • Subrecipients are distinguished from vendors (Professional Services) by having their own key personnel, scope of work, budget and budget justification.
  • For more guidance, please refer to the Budget Categories “Professional Services” and “Subrecipients” in the ORSP Guide to Budget Preparation (PDF) and/or OMB Circular A-133 (PDF) §_.210.
  • If your proposal includes a subrecipient, you must submit a Subrecipient Commitment Form (PDF) to ORSP. It provides a checklist of documents and certifications required by sponsors, as well as an area for the authorized official to sign.

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Step 6: Consider staffing needs

Step 7: Address compliance

  • Refer to our Compliance pages for a comprehensive overview of compliance requirements

Step 8: Prepare budget & budget justification

Step 9: Submit budget and budget justification to ORSP for initial review

Step 10: Review, revise & submit draft proposal to ORSP

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Step 11: Route the proposal in PARS

Step 12:  Submit final proposal to ORSP

  • Timeline for ORSP proposal review (PDF)
  • PARS (Proposal Approval Routing System)
  • ORSP Pre-Award Staff
  • Once all approvers in PARS have approved, be sure to log in to PARS and submit the proposal to ORSP.
  • Submit the final application package or inform ORSP you are ready to submit your proposal to the sponsor (provided they have web access to the proposal).
  • Be available! If you will be out of town on or near a deadline, please plan to finalize your proposal before leaving and provide contact information to ORSP in case there are questions after you’ve left.


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