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Award Process - Pre-Award

Pre-Award Services assists faculty and staff in the preparation, review and submission of proposals to extramural sponsors.

If you’re just getting started, it is highly recommended that you review our training, ORSP 102: The Pre-Award Process, prior to preparing a proposal for submission to an external sponsor.  The session will take you step-by-step through the Pre-Award process at the University of Maine, from identifying funding, to developing an idea into a viable grant opportunity, and preparing the proposal for submission to the sponsor. Access ORSP 102 and all other ORSP workshops via our Training page.

If you have not identified funding for your research idea, visit Identify Funding.

If you’ve identified a sponsor and are ready to begin preparing your proposal, visit Proposal Preparation, and use the basic steps for navigating the Pre-Award process as your guide.

If you would like to have your proposal peer-reviewed prior to submission to the sponsor, consider the UMAPIT (University of Maine Advisory Panel and Internal Team for Research Proposal Review) Program.

The Advanced Computing Group provides assistance with proposal preparation, and archiving and dissemination of data, operating the Maine Dataverse Network as a free service for all Maine researchers to use to archive and share their data.  For more information about these and other services offered by ACG, please visit: or send an email to:

Pre-Award Resources:

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