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Onward Courses, Labs and Degree Credit - Science

About Onward Science Classes


Onward science classes are designed to provide you with the basic skills needed for success in future science courses at UMaine and to develop science literacy. Credit for these courses will not count towards your bachelor’s degree but they do count for financial aid, and all UMaine add/drop and withdrawal policies apply.

ONS 11: Onward Biology

Understanding life begins with ecological relationships, including energy, nutrients, animal behavior and the ecology of populations. Then attention shifts to the unity of life, involving basic cell chemistry, the genetic basis of life and evolution. Permission to register required. 3 credits.

ONS 12: Onward Chemistry

Topics include measurements and calculations, matter and energy, chemical foundations and composition, nomenclature, reactions, quantities, modern atomic theory, bonding, gases, liquids and solids, solutions, acids and bases, equilibrium and oxidation-reduction. Prerequisite: ONS 11 or permission. 3 credits.

ONS 14: Onward Zoology

Introduces biological diversity and classification of living things. Plant systems are studied as a key part of the living fabric of the earth. Much emphasis is placed on animal systems, including anatomy and physiology, embryology and reproduction. Prerequisite: ONS 011 or permission. 3 credits.

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