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Onward Courses, Labs and Degree Credit - Reading

About Onward Reading Classes


Onward Reading courses are designed to teach the basic skills and strategies for success in future classes, most of which require careful reading and thorough comprehension. Credit for these courses will not count toward a degree, but they do count toward financial aid and all UMaine add/drop and withdrawal policies. The course grade may count toward “testing out” of ENG 101 and receiving three credits.

ONR 12: Introduction to Academic Reading

This course is designed to help you become better at analytical reading, as well as to prepare you for the CLEP History exam should you choose to take it.    Many of the readings, exercises and assignments will offer you the opportunity to develop new reading strategies, improve reading comprehension as well as develop a deeper understanding of history and maximize your college learning experience. 3 credits.

ENG 131: Nature of Story

Explores the fundamental activity of why and how we create, tell and read/listen to stories.  Readings may include selections from folk tale and myth, saga and epic, drama and novel, film and song, poetry and essay–from the ancient world to the modern, from the western cultural tradition and from a variety of other cultures. 3 degree credits.

  • ENG 131 Nature of Story sample syllabus will be posted in Fall 2014

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