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Onward Courses, Labs and Degree Credit - Reading

About Onward Reading Classes


Onward Reading courses are designed to teach the basic skills and strategies for success in future classes, most of which require careful reading and thorough comprehension. Credit for these courses will not count toward a degree, but they do count toward financial aid and all UMaine add/drop and withdrawal policies. The course grade may count toward “testing out” of ENG 101 and receiving three credits.

ONR 12: Introduction to Academic Reading

For students who are already reasonably proficient readers, but who lack the critical skills required for university level courses. Introduces text analysis and methods of critical thinking. Activities include discussion of assigned readings, short papers, as well as some emphasis on effective reading skills, vocabulary building, and exam preparation. 3 credits.

ONR 13: Critical Reading

For students who already have a beginning acquaintance with the methods of critical reading, but who need to refine and strengthen their skills in order to succeed in regular university courses. Activities include concentrated text analysis, oral and written presentations and independent library research. Prerequisite: ONR 012 or permission. 3 credits.


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