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Onward Courses, Labs and Degree Credit - Orientation

About Onward Orientation Classes

ONO 11: Onward Orientation (offered in Fall semester)

Assists the transition of students entering the University of Maine through the Onward Program. Topics include: Academic Requirements of the Onward Program and the University of Maine, Goal Setting, Learning Styles, Time Management, Note Taking, Test Taking, Stress Management, Self-esteem, Communication and Relationship Skills, Career Information. (Pass/Fail Grade Only.) 1 credit.

ONO 100: Onward Orientation II (offered in Spring semester)

Exploration of campus resources relevant to academic course work, majors and career choices. Builds strategies of achieving success at UMaine including study skills, basic computer skills, and self-awareness as it relates to academic competency. Prerequisite: ONO 11 or permission of instructor. (Pass/Fail Grade Only.) 1 credit. ONO 100 earns one university degree credit.


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