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Onward Courses, Labs and Degree Credit - Composition

About Onward Composition Classes


Onward Writing courses are designed to teach and review grammatical, spelling, and writing skills through practical application by writing a variety of essays, keeping a journal, and researching a topic at some length, preparing the student to be ready for almost any writing assignment in other academic courses. Although no credit will apply toward a college degree directly, the opportunity to earn three credits in lieu of taking ENG 101 is based on a portfolio of writing samples, the grade in the course, and permission of the English Department representative.

ONE 12: Onward Composition

Students write essays based on readings in American history. Each student drafts six or seven essays, revises each with the help of peers, and finally presents the paper in the class. A review of grammar, sentence structure and punctuation makes up the editing part of the course. 3 credits.

ENG 101: College Composition

Students practice the ways in which writing serves to expand, clarify, and order experience and knowledge, with particular attention to persuasive writing.  Satisfactory completion of the course depends upon quality of weekly writing assignments as well as demonstration of proficiency in college-level writing. 3 credits.


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