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Onward Courses, Labs and Degree Credit

Onward students take a selection of Onward courses at the University of Maine designed to prepare them not only for the academic content of the courses they will take for their degree, but also for the process of taking classes. Onward courses include homework, tests, quizzes, essays, and final exams, just like courses taken for a student’s degree. They are offered during the regular University schedule, and students taking them are, in all ways, University of Maine students. Many of our students recognize Onward classes for providing them with both the self-discipline and knowledge necessary to earn their degrees. Onward students usually take the following selection of courses (follow links to learn about each course area):


All Onward courses have a corresponding lab time where students can come for help and to work with a peer who has successfully completed the course. Labs are offered several hours per week.

Degree Credits for Onward Courses

Students who successfully complete Onward classes will earn a number of University degree credits during the first year. Follow this link to learn more about degree credit for Onward courses.

Typical First-Year Student Schedule

First-year Onward students have a variety of schedules depending on a number of factors. Follow this link to learn more about First-Year Student Schedules.