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Meet Some of Our Students - Barbara



It took me forever to learn how to really read – it happened in the 4th grade. I did well in school after that point, but struggled with reading by finding a way to compensate. I met my ex-husband as a senior in high school at 17 years old, graduated from high school and got married. All through high school I worked 3 jobs, saving my money so I could go to college; ended up taking that money to buy a small grocery store. After I divorced I again worked long, hard hours. After recovering from cancer, I decided to follow my life long dream and attend classes a UMO through the Onward Program.

I was gravely ill and almost died from my cancer experience. Realizing that life is short, I knew I had to grab onto life and do the things in life that fills me up mentally, physically, and emotionally. I want to give back to others facing life challenges the great help given to me.

Not only did the folks at Onward teach me how to study, they gave me the skills to succeed in college – where to go for help with tutoring and mentoring, and supporting me not only in nuts and bolts ways, like learning how to use a computer, but also emotionally.

I was so blessed last year by receiving the Taverner Scholarship for the Senior Alumni, the Dawn Allenwood Scholarship, the Shirley Davis Science Prize, and the Charlotte Herbold Writing Prize. My GPA is 3.75.I want to continue my education here at UMO and get my masters in Social Work. I want to get my degree, learn how to be an effective communicator, and an advocate for cancer patients. School is a key to unlock the door of opportunity. It has breathed new life into me and given me hope and courage to carry on.

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