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Safety Alerts - Non-Emergency Reporting

FM would like to hear from you regarding maintenance issues and unsafe conditions on campus.

  • Emergency issues: please call Work Control at 581.4400 or dial 911
  • Non-emergency issues: click here to e-mail Work Control
  • Dorms concerns: contact Property Management at 581.4444

Examples of some of our most common non-emergency issues and unsafe conditions are included below.

Unsafe Conditions:

  • Street Lights Out
  • Trip/Slip/Fall Hazards
  • Exit Lights Out
  • Broken Railings
  • Damaged Stairs/Steps
  • Elevator Out of Service
  • Missing Fire Extinguishers
Hot & Cold:

  • Room Too Hot
  • Room Too Cold
  • Window Won’t Shut
  • No Hot/Cold Water
  • Leaking Radiators
  • Water Leak
  • Roof Leak
  • Dripping Faucet
  • Missing Manhole Covers
  • Recycling & Trash
  • Broken Floor Tiles
  • Plugged Toilet
  • Broken Light Switch
  • Sticky Locks
  • Missing/Damaged Pipe Insulation
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