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Travel - About Travel & Expense Reimbursements

There have been a number of changes in our travel services.  Please read the information below.  If you need travel assistance please direct inquiries to Kelly Bannen at 207.581.261 or email inquiries to

Travel Advances

A key feature of the new travel system will be the use of a travel card for expenses and a significant reduction in the need for travel advances.  Therefore, as of December 2, 2013, travel advances will be handled as follows:

  • Travelers with Pcards are encouraged to pay travel-related expenses, other than airfare, using their Pcard rather than requesting a travel advance (many employees have already done this). This includes hotel reservations, conference registrations, and meals up to the daily allowance. Flight arrangements will continue to be made via travel agency payment forms or reimbursed directly if purchased on a personal credit card.
  • Travelers who still require advances will now have their advances processed as an electronic payment delivered as a direct deposit (ACH) to the traveler’s bank account. In rare cases, travelers can request a paper check which will be delivered to the address listed in their travel profile in MaineStreet.  ACHs and paper checks are processed twice a week for delivery. Travelers are encouraged to update their travel profiles in MaineStreet to take advantage of direct deposit.

Travel advance requests should be forwarded to: Travel Services, Kelly Bannen, Purchasing, 122 Service Building, UMaine.

Advance requests can be sent through inter-office mail, hand delivered, or scanned and sent via email to the UM Travel email address:

Please see chart below for payment delivery timing. Travelers are encouraged to plan ahead for their travel needs.

ayment Run Dates & Times

Travel Advance
equest Received *

Payment Run

 Advance Received

Monday by 10:00 AM EST Tuesday**
  • Direct deposit advances (ACH), if setup in traveler profile, delivered one business day after the payment run in most cases
  • Hard copy check delivered directly to traveler’s profile address, 2-3 business days after payment run (US Mail)
Thursday by 10:00 AM EST Friday**

*    Completed Travel Request/Advance Authorization form with no issues

** Payment run days are adjusted for holidays.

Please see the Accounts Payable Payment run schedule for actual run dates:

Student Travel Advances

Typically, students are not currently in the MaineStreet Travel and Expense system (with the

exception of Graduate Assistants). While we are developing a transition solution, student travel advances will continue to be issued on an as needed basis as a check by the Office of Budget and Business Services, 107 Alumni Hall from 10:00am – 2:00pm; Monday thru Friday. Contact person is Beth Morin.

Travel Expense Vouchers

Starting December 2, please forward all Travel Expense Vouchers to:  Travel Services, Kelly Bannen, Purchasing, 122 Service Building, UMaine. They can be dropped off in person if preferred.

 General Travel Information

Setting up a traveler’s personal profile for direct deposit can be done in the Employee Self Service section of the MaineStreet Portal < Travel and Expenses.


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