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Budget - Position Management

The following forms are available to request reallocation’s and transfers of current funds within position management (funds 00, 03, 12,22 and 23).

Both files consist of a data entry section followed by transfer and reallocation forms.  The forms automatically populate once the data entry section is complete.  Please note: interdepartmental requests will populate both the transfer and reallocation forms, however departmental requests will only populate the reallocation form unless there are benefit savings which are returned to the benefit pool. Benefit shortages are absorbed by the department and will be taken from the unassigned operating budget line, account 65500. At some point please reallocate this shortage within your budget.

The forms require your respective Dean or unit Director’s signature. Please forward the signed forms to Alicia Wyman via vax 1-3340 or mail to 103A Alumni Hall.  For further questions please call Alicia at 1-1573.

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