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Undergraduate Programs - BSN Learning Outcomes

University of Maine
School of Nursing
BS in Nursing (BSN) Program Outcomes

The mission of the UMaine BSN program is to provide leadership to improve health care and advance the discipline of nursing through education, scholarship and service.  School of Nursing faculty and students value participation in the broader academic community which fosters excellence, self-reflection, accountability, respect for diversity and lifelong learning.

BSN program outcomes are consistent with professional standards and they are congruent with the program’s mission, goals, and objectives.

On completion of the baccalaureate nursing program the graduate will:

  1. Provide patient-centered care which represents the patients’ preferences, values, and needs within the context of their families, communities and the health care delivery system.
  2. Demonstrate professional behaviors in the practice of nursing.
  3. Demonstrate integration of knowledge, skills and professional attitudes through the use of clinical evidence and reasoning.
  4. Identify threats to safety and develop strategies to minimize risk of harm to individuals and populations.
  5. Apply organizational, leadership, and management concepts in the provision of high quality nursing care.
  6. Provide population focused care incorporating concepts of health promotion, disease and injury prevention.

Click on the link below to view the BSN program level objectives ( years 1-4). The objectives are also be found in the School of Nursing Undergraduate Student Handbook.

BSN 4-level outcomes.




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