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Graduate Programs - Individualized MSN (I-MSN)

Susan Cullen, MSN.,RN

Susan Cullen, MSN.,RN -”The Master’s level education I received at UM has been a valuable asset for all aspects of my position as Acadia’s Director of Education Services and Magnet Program. A Master’s degree opens many doors and provides great opportunities for those with the motivation and purpose to strengthen our profession. It Provides access to knowledge necessary to assist our next generation in the preservation of the essence of nursing.”

This theoretical and field-experience curriculum allows the student to develop a program of study that builds upon their professional interests and career goals.  Through core courses, specialized courses, and experiential components, I-MSN students may prepare for professional careers in areas such as nurse administration and other clinical leadership roles.

The program of study may be tailored for full-time or part-time study.  The Graduate Program Coordinator and the student’s academic advisor will help plan a program of study and timeframe that meets the academic and experiential requirements.

Dianne Swandal, RN, MSN

Dianne Swandal is a 2004 graduate of the MSN program in nursing administration. Dianne describes her graduate education as “invaluable” in preparation for her executive leadership role with St. Joseph Hospital in Bangor, Maine. “Professor Marci Sorg provided inspiration and mentorship in my graduate capstone project on patient safety. The resulting Patient Safety Plan is still used at St. Joseph Hospital.” A diploma nurse graduate from Montana, Dianne earned her baccalaureate degree in the UMaine RN-Studies program in 1990.

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