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Meeting Minutes - September 26, 2011

1. Welcome- Nicole Golden
Present-Nicole, Mike, Barbara, Mark, Alex

2. Finances-Mike reported that Student Government approved $500 in funding for 2 Family Movie nights at last week’s EBC meeting and that they were very enthusiastic.

3. Cars2 will be shown in the Bangor Room this Friday @ 6pm.  volunteers are needed to help with the pizza, soda, setup and clean up.  Mark, Nicole and possibly Mike will be there.  Order Soda ASAP.

4. Lucas is working on football game tickets.  Date to be determined by availability.
Side note: Lucas is recovering from a mild concussion resulting from a bicycle accident. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

5. Brown Bag Lunch last week was well attended.  Pros and Cons.  Pro: Nicole met several non-trads who were new to the commuter lounge.  Con: Very crowded in the Coe room and may have intimidated some.  Better advertising needed for future lunches which are held every Thursday.

6. Suggestion Box idea for Brown Bag Luncheons and  the Commuter Lounge.  We will work on creation of a questionaire, perhaps online(Google Doc.).  Please submit your suggestions to Nicole via email.

7. Nicole still needs the link to the NSA website.

8. Photos of Board members.

9. Tabling in the Union during Commuter week and Non-Trad Student Week.  We need volunteers to staff the tables.

10. Alex- creating an email to advertise Family and friends Weekend to the Non-Trad folders on Firstclass.  Mark-check on workspace in the Wade Center.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mark A. Brunton
Nontraditional Student Board Secretary


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