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Meeting Minutes - September 12, 2007

10AM Walker Room, Memorial Union


President: Kathleen O’Connell
Vice President: Barbara Denaro
Staff Advisor: Barbara Smith
Member: Lisa Chapman

1. Regular Meeting Time for the Association
Meetings will be held every Wednesday when school is in session from 10-11AM. Kat will see Mike about reserving a room in The Union.
2. Signing Up More Registered Members
Put a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in the commuter lounge. Kat is going to create one. Kat is also planning to create a poster with information about the association.
3. Getting Nontrads Togethter
Hold a regularly scheduled social and advertise it. We decided to try a brown-bag luncheon for networking every Thursday at noon. This might happen in the Oakes Room in the Library if the Commuter Lounge is too full. Lisa will create a poster invitation.
4. Getting Single Parents Together
Due to limited resources, we will continue to keep our focus general and applicable to all nontraditional students. Because we can only manage one type of get-together right now, we’ll do one for all nontraditional students, rather than just the single parents. We expect as people meet and mingle, it will make sense for those will a particular interest to want something just for that interest and we’ll do our best to make that happen.
5. Logo for the Association
Barbara Denaro suggested a logo last year and has ideas for it, but since it’s not a priority and everyone’s time is limited right now, we tabled it for a future meeting. Barb did suggest that, instead of one of us creating a logo, we have a contest.
6. Non-Traditional Students Week
This will be the 2nd week of November. Barbara gave us a brief overview of this week and asked for suggestions on events to hold. In addition to the events held last year, Barb suggested a Scholarship workshop.
7. Means of Collecting FAQs From Nontraditional Students
Out of time, next meeting
8. Cost of Locker Rentals
Out of time, next meeting


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