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Meeting Minutes - October 17, 2011

1. Welcome- Nicole Golden
Present-Nicole, Mike, Alex

2. Finances-Nicole has the funds for the upcoming Family Movie Night’s Pizza and Soda.

3. Discussed merging with OCB to become part of a representative board.  Alex and Nicole will need to discuss details.  Possible reorganizing and changing name.  Information and details to follow after offline meeting.

4. Cars2 will be shown in the Bangor Room this Friday @ 6pm.  It was postponed due to a snag in the release date. Volunteers are needed to help with the pizza, soda, setup and clean up.  Mike, Lucas, and Nicole will be there.  Nicole will order Pizza and confirm with Andrea about sodas and EJ about popcorn.

5. Non-traditional Student Week starts Oct 31st. Need flyers (Alex), advertise Bake Sale on Monday, Fund raiser and prizes.

6. Brown Bag Lunch – Suggestion Box in place.

7. Photos of Board members.

8. New meeting time?  Nicole has some scheduling conflicts and wanted to make sure a time change was possible.  Potential new meeting time, Fridays @ 8AM.


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