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Meeting Minutes - October 1, 2008

9:30AM Commuter Lounge, Memorial Union


Kathleen O’Connell, President
Barbara Smith, Advisor

Old Business
1. Funding for the Oct. 9 Family Night is all set.
2. Funding for the Oct. 6 Family Night is pending my meeting with the Student Government financial committee this afternoon.
3. Beverages for both events had not been requested at the time of our meeting, but this was done later the same day.

New Business
1. We discussed how summer orientation was going for nontraditional students. Barbara said she continues to have some participation in the special orientation she arranges and this will continue.
2. We discussed holding a welcome back barbeque for nontraditional students during the first week of fall classes.
3. We discussed how NSA would be able to participate in the budgetting process for student organizations next semester and that we should start planning for this now.
4. Barbara is planning a grand opening for the family room in the Alana Center at some point. She also has a guest book and signage to put up in the room. She says at least 3 mothers are currently using the room to pump breast milk.
5. We discussed having a brochure just for nontraditional students that both the NSA and CNTSP would create.
6. We discussed what we could do for veterans and how we could make sure they know we are here for them too.
7. We discussed renewed interest in a mentor program and how we could make that happen.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00AM. Minutes submitted by Kat O’Connell


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