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Meeting Minutes - November 14, 2007

10AM COE Room, Memorial Union


Kathleen O’Connell – President
Barbara Denaro – Vice President
Lisa Chapman – Secretary/Treasurer
Barbara Smith – Advisor
Erin Switzer – Member

10AM Meeting Open

1. Barbara Smith handed out more coupons for Non-traditional Student Week. Barbara still has coupons for the bookstore (20% off), the Bear’s Den social (free appetizer – Thursday 4-6), and free passes to the Rec center for this week.

2. Kat and Barbara Denaro have a meeting today at 1:30 to meet with Matt Bennet, Vice president of Student Organizations. They will hand in paperwork for final approval forms for NSA and will discuss any issues with him. Lisa will represent NSA at the following Student Government assembly held on Tuesday, November 20th.

3. Barbara Denaro mentioned being thanked by her art professor which led to a discussion about faculty who are appreciative and receptive to the non-traditional student. Barbara Smith suggested setting up a program which recognizes a faculty member who demonstrates appreciativeness and respect toward a non-traditional student. Students would nominate faculty for recognition.

4. Barbara Denaro brought to the table several ideas for logos. Discussion about designs followed. Design concepts will be brought to the table at our next meeting.

5. Discussion about graduation cords and/or tassels ensued. Barbara Smith will ask Gus about tassels and cords to see where we can get pricing.

6. The number of nontraditional students who have applied for graduation is pending. Barbara Smith is waiting for a response.

7. The question was raised about putting a note on nontraditional folder explaining that we would like to recognize graduating nontraditional students. The note would ask they supply us with their name to be mentioned in the Maine Campus.

8. Barbara Smith received a call from Holy Family Parish in Old Town. They have collected Thanksgiving food baskets and wanted to know if there are any families that would like one. Barbara has the contact name and number. Anyone interested should see her in the commuter lounge.

Meeting adjourned at 10:50AM

Next meeting 11/28 at 10:00AM, Walker Room, 3rd Floor, Memorial Union

Minutes submitted by Lisa Chapman, Secretary


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