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Nontraditional Students Association

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Meeting Minutes - March 27, 2008

10AM FFA Room, Memorial Union


Kathleen O’Connell, President
Barbara Smith, Advisor
Patrick Devanney, Advisor

Old Business
1. FAQs
These have been posted on the bulletin board in the Commuter Lounge and in the NSA folder on FirstClass.
1. Web Site – No progress
2. Final Approval
I attended the Student Senate meeting on Tuesday night. There was a general question about the association, the vote was taken, and we were made official!
3. Pizza Party Status
The event will be held on Thursday, 4/10, from 6-11PM in the COE room. We will be showing the movie, The Golden Compass, rated PG-13, shortly after 6PM right in the room. The date was changed to allow us to have the room for a longer period of time. As soon as I hear the funds are approved (should be early next week), I or Patrick will post an advertising (Patrick has offered to create the advertising piece), and then post a second notice the Tuesday before the event, in the Commuters, Nontrad, NSA, and Students with Children folders. We will print out posters to hang in the Commuter Lounge. I will also confirm the movie availability and room setup with Josh. We will have $250 for pizzas, so I will call Orono House of Pizza. Here is what I’m thinking: 10 cheese, 4 pepperoni, 4 hamburg, 4 pepper & mushroom, 4 sausage & mushroom, 3 orders of small cheese breadsticks, 2 orders of small plain breadsticks. I am taking suggestions on toppings!
4. Graduation Breakfast
This is set for Thursday, May 1 from 9:30-10:30AM in the COE room. Funding request for food is pending decision on keepsakes.
5. Keepsakes for Nontraditional Student Graduates
At this time, we are thinking a University of Maine medal and a silver ribbon would be suitable to wear on your cap and gown if you choose and still make a nice keepsake. Kat will check with Bill in the bookstore for a bulk rate on the university pins.
6. Congratulations Ad in Maine Campus
Barbara will send out the notice the week of 4/6 to begin gathering names of students who would like to be recognized. Kat will put these in a PDF file to be submitted to the newspaper.
New Business
7. Maine Hello
Patrick is tasked with finding four student groups to participate in the Maine Hello, and wanted to know if our group would be interested. While I did like the idea of visibility for our group, I expressed concern that we wouldn’t get enough people to participate. Barbara reminded us that nontrads as a group have extreme scheduling difficulties, and that’s one big reason we wouldn’t get enough people to make a large showing. A big part of Maine Hello is helping students move into their dorms and some of us just aren’t up to all that exertion. Finally, the new students would probably prefer to have people closer to their own ages do a meet and greet with them. We also discussed how NSA members already help with the new orientation program for commuters and nontrads during welcome weekends, and it was more important for us to have a presence there. So, while we appreciate being considered, we decided to decline. During this discussion, Barbara mentioned an idea she had for welcome bags that could be dropped off at the local apartments or houses of new students. We thought this would be a fantastic way to expand orientation and welcomes for commuters and nontrads and look forward to helping with it in the future.
8. Nominations and Elections for Officers
Officer elections for this association are held during April each year, so we discussed the vehicle for nominations and voting. Kat will open nominations on Tuesday 4/8 with a notice to our folder. It will also be announced during the Family Pizza Party. Nominations can be e-mailed to Kat or posted to the NSA folder on FirstClass. Nominations will close 4/12. Kat will post the names of nominates for each position in the NSA folder on 4/13. Elections will open at 6AM Tuesday, 4/15 and close at midnight Wednesday, 4/15. Voting can be done by ballot in the Commuter Lounge or via e-mail to Barbara Smith. You will sign in, complete the ballot and put it in a box. The votes will be tabulated the next morning, Thursday, at the NSA meeting.

Pending and for discussion next week: Web Site, keepsake for graduates & graduation party, Pizza Party status, nominations and elections for association officers, (Maine Campus ad tabled until next week)

Meeting adjourned at 10:55AM. Minutes submitted by Kat O’Connell

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