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Meeting Minutes - March 23, 2009

11AM Room 120, Memorial Union


Kathleen O’Connell, President
Barbara Denaro, Vice President
Lisa Chapman, Secretary/Treasurer
Barbara Smith, Advisor
Jeffrey Weinberger

Old Business
Update on budget submittal to Student Government, Inc.
The budget was submitted to the Student Government financial office 3/16.
Update on NSA Flyer (copied as handout for Nontrad Lunch?)
Kat will print out copy and give to Barbara Smith for making copies to give out at the lunch.
Schedule Nontrad Lunch for Fall semester now or wait?
Barbara Smith advises we do it now. We discussed that Tuesday or Thursday would be a good day as these days seem to have more commuters coming in, and decided to request 11AM-1PM in the Coe Room for both fall 2009 and spring 2010 semester.
Update on Informational Flyer for Faculty/Staff
There has been no activity on this.
Update on Outreach letter to chancellor
Kat e-mailed this to the chancellor during spring break.
Nominations of faculty/staff
Barbara Smith completed the information and it has been posted to the NonTraditional Student folder on FirstClass and advertised in the March issue of the Commuter Chronicle. The deadline to submit a letter to nominate someone is April 1. Also, nominations are being accepted for a non-traditional student who has been a positive role model and example of non-traditional students at UMaine. The deadline on this one is April 7.
Update on Partnering
There has been no activity on this.
Update on Associations for Nontrads
Barbara Smith mentioned that UNH has an active association for nontrads. Jeff is going to contact them and see if they’d like to share information with us. We discussed how many of the universities in the University of Maine system serve nontrads, so they wouldn’t need an association to support that student population.
Should the NSA create a group on Facebook?
We discussed this at length, the pros and cons of various Internet sites for social networking, and decided it couldn’t hurt. We would need a generic e-mail address and Kat will find out who to contact and see if we can get something like
Contact graduate association about Family night
Jeff offered to contact the graduate student association to see if they would like to participate in sponsoring the Family Movie & Pizza Night that we put on, since quite a few of our attendees are graduate students with families. The Campus Activities Board, which supplies the movie, recently informed us that no suitable movies were available from their list for the second part of this semester. Barbara Smith said we could probably get an older movie ourselves, anticipating that it would cost at most $300 for the movie. That plus the pizza would bring our funding need up to $550. If we couldn’t fund the entire cost, we could do the movie and something like popcorn for a snack. We could probably get the drinks as usual from Coca Cola.
Welcome Back Barbeque
Tabled for next meeting.
Tabletop Displays
I did some research on this and didn’t find any tabletop displays for less than $250. Barbara Denaro thought she could get something for less, so she will take on this task and see what she can come up with.

Meeting adjourned at 11:50AM. Minutes submitted by Kat O’Connell


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