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Meeting Minutes - March 20, 2008

10AM FFA Room, Memorial Union


Kathleen O’Connell, President
Barbara Smith, Staff Advisor

1. Web Site
I contacted Matt Bennett regarding a Web site for our association. He sent me a link to a University site where I applied for and received a Web site URL and FTP access. Our address will be This is not working yet.
2. Silver Cords
I contacted the book store and they’d be happy to order them for us. They would cost around $10 each. [Subsequent to this meeting, I heard back from the Provost’s Office (which handles Commencement) and learned that “it is the policy of the Commencement Committee that cords are only allowed for Honors College and scholastic honors societies.” They suggested a pin, corsage, or other size appropriate insignia as an option.]
3. Final Approval
Our club was on the agenda at the last General Student Senate meeting (Tuesday) for final approval. (This means they accepted our final approval form as edited). Barbara Denaro and I received an e-mail notice of this late Tuesday morning. I did see the mail until the next day and Barbara had a very sick child, so we did not attend. I requested an update on our status from Matt Bennett. [Subsequent to this meeting, I received a response from Matt Bennett that we are on the agenda for next Tuesday. If I don’t forget, I will be there, in the Bangor Room, I believe at 6PM.]
4. Tabletop Display and Handouts for Events
Acquiring these materials has been tabled until after final approval. We can then apply for our share of funds for office supplies and such from Student Government.
5. Graduation Breakfast
I have reserved the COE room for the graduation breakfast on Thursday, May 1 from 9:30-10:30AM. Remaining to be done is apply to the Dean’s Office for Programming Funds to cover the gift (whatever it may be now that we can’t do cords) and food.
6. Congratulations Ad in Maine Campus
We will place another half page ad in the Maine Campus to recognize May graduates. Barbara requested a list of nontraditional student graduates and said there are over 200 for this May. How cool is that? As last semester, she will be sending them a notice to ask if they want to be recognized.
7. Family Pizza Party
I have reserved the COE room for the family pizza party on Wednesday, 4/9 at 5PM and requested soft drinks for the event. I will still need to apply to the Dean’s Office for Programming Funds to cover the pizza and advertising. Discussion of this event resulted in our looking into the movie to be shown that week, which will be The Golden Compass, a PG-13 movie, perfect! The weekly movie is shown at 7:30PM on Wednesdays in DPC. This would be a little late for our group, so Barbara is looking into whether we can get the movie shown just for our pizza party. If so, we will probably be moving the day and time.

Pending and for discussion next week: keepsake for graduates, Pizza Party advertising, Graduation Breakfast and gifts, FAQs, progress on official club status, ad in Maine Campus, opening of nominations and elections of association officers

Meeting adjourned at 10:50AM. Minutes submitted by Kat O’Connell


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