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Meeting Minutes - January 31, 2008

10AM Bangor Room, Memorial Union


Kathleen O’Connell, President
Barbara Smith, Staff Advisor
Patrick Devanney, Staff Advisor

1. Status of Club
Kat sought legal advice regarding the issue of being legally responsible for the functions and activities of the group. Her lawyer advised setting up our association as a non-profit organization, which could then be named on the club final form and provide a buffer against any one person being held liable for the association’s activities. This would cost about $160 initially and $60 yearly to file the appropriate forms. Kat will need to check with Student Government to make sure the legally recognized nonprofit would be acceptable on the final approval form. Before going to these excessive lengths, Barbara advised Kat to speak with the Director of Campus Activities and Events. Kat also mentioned that as long as we submit our update forms to Student Government each year, we can take 2 years to become a formally recognized club.
2. NonTraditional Student Folder on FirstClass
Several of us were wondering if this folder could be used only for nontraditional issues. Some of us don’t use the folder because it contains duplicate information that we don’t want to open and read again (i.e., announcements already read in the Announcements & Alerts folder). It would be nice to have a folder where if the red flag is up, we know the something new is specific to nontraditional students. Since the existing folder is for university sponsored programs, Barbara will create a folder just for the association and an NSA officer will be able to manage it. This will be a great place to post our meeting minutes, too.
3. Web Site for Association
Barbara mentioned an e-mail she received about creating a Web site for student clubs and asked Kat if she had also received it. Kat had not, so Barbara will see if she can find it and forward it to Kat. As far as we know, our association should be able to create a Web site.
4. Open House on Feb. 18
Kat mentioned that she had requested a table for the NSA at the Feb. 18 open house. This will be held from 8-10AM at the Student Recreation & Fitness Center. A 6’ table and table cloth is provided. We are to be set up and manning the table by 7:45AM. Since Kat has this time free, she can man the table. However, anyone else is welcome to join her!

Tabled discussion of FAQs until next meeting. Meeting adjourned at 10:45AM. Minutes submitted by Kat O’Connell


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