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Meeting Minutes - February 9, 2009

11AM Room 120, Memorial Union


Kathleen O’Connell, President
Barbara Denaro, Vice President
Barbara Smith, Advisor
Jeffrey Weinberger

Old Business
1. Budget
Nothing to report.
2. NSA Informational Flyer
Nothing to report.
3. Informational Flyer for Faculty/Staff
Nothing to report on this.
4. Outreach, Letter to Chancellor
A redrafted version was sent out. There were no comments to add.
5. Nominations of Faculty & Staff
Barbara Smith has drafted an announcement and wished for a better name for the award, so we are all going to give that some thought.
6. Partnering
Nothing to report on this.
7. Family Movie & Pizza Night
Kat reported that this was a great success with the most people we’ve ever had attending, maybe 70. The pizza was gone before the end of the night. People were asking when we were going to do it again.
New Business
Kat received information that the current on-campus housing for nontrads was being eliminated and that people were upset. Housing for nontrads (anyone 21 or over) is currently with graduate students, which is in Stodder Hall this year. She sent an e-mail to housing and requested confirmation on the issue, which she received just before the meeting.

Here are the details. The graduate school plans for Stodder Hall to be a graduate student-only residence hall to accommodate both singles and couples who are graduate students. The graduate school and graduate student government will be located there as well. They do expect to have some rooms available for nontrads next year and will give preference to those nontrads whose academic goals and living requirements match well with the graduate student community. Nontrads who do not meet the criteria may choose to live in any of the upperclass halls.

OK, so we discussed it and find no problems with any of that. Until we get specific complaints from students involved, there is no action to take, except perhaps to get some general assurances. One concern is to ensure that non-traditional students who are looking for housing can clearly find it explained on the housing Web site. We understand that with our wide range of ages and interests, we may be a difficult group to accommodate, but are quite sure housing will provide satisfactory assistance to any non-traditional student who needs help with this issue.

This discussion led to a question about what they do at other colleges and whether they had associations for nontrads. Jeff and Barb Denaro volunteered to check with the other colleges to see if they have associations like ours.

Meeting adjourned at 11:50AM. Minutes submitted by Kat O’Connell


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