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Meeting Minutes - February 21, 2008

10AM FFA Room, Memorial Union


Kathleen O’Connell, President
Barbara Smith, Staff Advisor

1. Status of Club
We are still pending our form being accepted.
2. Open House
Kat attended the open house on Feb. 18. Several people stopped by the table. One new potential student asked about the ages of nontraditional students, hoping to meet some in his age group of late twenties. This event reminded that we need a tabletop display and handouts. We need to figure out the cost of these things and apply to the dean’s office for the funding. Anyone have experience with these types of display materials?
3. Family Dinner Social
Barbara suggested we host a family dinner during the next vacation week for grammar schools. We will need to reserve the COE room, probably for 5PM, get pizzas delivered from Orono House of Pizza, and create flyers and posters. This would be an opportunity to advertise the issue of students who are parents having to deal with different school vacation periods for themselves and their children. I didn’t write down what week this would be. Does anyone know?

Pending issues: contact Matt about Web site, contact Tammy Light about silver cords for nontrad grads, start planning graduation breakfast, print out and post FAQs on board in Commuter Lounge

Meeting adjourned 10:30AM. Minutes submitted by Kat O’Connell


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