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Meeting Minutes - February 16, 2009

11AM Room 120, Memorial Union


Kathleen O’Connell, President
Lisa Chapman, Secretary/Treasurer
Barbara Smith, Advisor
Jeffrey Weinberger

Old Business
1. Budget
We worked on finishing up the budget. Our projected budget for programs and operations is estimated as follows:
Ad for Maine Campus congratulating nontrad grads (1/2 page in April, 1/4 page in Dec.): $266
Family Movie & Pizza Night (2 per semester): $1,000 (our contribution)
      Pizza $250 * 4 = $1,000
      Refreshments donated by Coca Cola, estimated value $240
      Movie provided by CAB, estimated value $1,300
      Technician provided by CAB, estimated value $70
      Posters/Flyers provided through CNTSP: $8
Meals for Non-Traditional Student Week: $450
Printed Brochures: $180
Copies: $20
We will be requesting $200 from Student Government, Inc. as our operating budget to cover the cost of printing brochures and making copies.
2. NSA Informational Flyer
3. Informational Flyer for Faculty/Staff
4. Outreach, Letter to Chancellor
5. Nominations of Faculty & Staff
6. Partnering
7. Associations for Nontrads
Barbara Denaro couldn’t make the meeting, but called and reported that Kennebec Valley Community College now has more traditional students than non-traditional.
Jeff reported that Presque Isle is the only UMaine satellite with an association, though Farmington has a commuter council. He’s going to follow up and get some information about the Presque Isle association.
New Business
We should start thinking about the logistics and costs of holding a welcome back barbeque next September.

It was suggested that we contact the graduate student association to see if they’d like to collaborate on the Family Movie & Pizza Night, because many of our attendees are graduate students.

Kat announced that there would be no meeting the following week, and of course no meetings during spring break.

Meeting adjourned at 11:50AM. Minutes submitted by Kat O’Connell


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